Welcome to OSPREY PRINTS wildlife adventures!

OSPREY PRINTS stands for Osprey (latin — pandion haliaetus) — fascinating and majestic bird of prey that mainly live around coasts, lakes, rivers, and wetlands. Where they can find an abundance of fish that make up most of their diet. The Osprey is a unique and remarkable bird found on every continent except Antarctica. And also in area of Nagļi, Latvia.

Those who have experienced osprey hunting will agree that it is one of the most spectacular moments one can experience in nature. You will find in these pages more than only ospreys and there’s a story to tell behind each and every experienced moment and picture taken.

My name is Andrejs Jesko and I am a nature and wildlife photographer, originally coming from a small village called Nagļi, located in eastern part of Latvia.

This amazing place, surrounded by bogs, forests, lakes, rivers and fish ponds has been for me my perfect place to enjoy and capture some of the treasures of nature still living and breeding here, like ospreys, white-tailed eagles, black grouse, capercaillie, great snipe and others.
Welcome and enjoy!

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